My name is David, David StarWalker. This blog will be written on a weekly basis and the first issue is an introduction to myself.

Strange path I have been on.

I grew up in a very religious family in Utah. Have you ever been in a situation where you do not feel like you belong and it causes a great deal of self-doubt and pain?  Well this is how I felt during my childhood.  It was difficult for me because I simply did not fit in.  I KNEW I was talking with Spirit, but I was told that I was BAD, and worse, I came to believe I was EVIL.

 I saw, felt and heard things that most others did not and when, in my innocence, I mentioned some of these things, this caused me to be ostracized, ridiculed, and even beaten.    I learned to be a tough little kid.  It felt like that was the only way for me to survive. But as a kid who was very heart oriented and loving of all, it caused me to question myself and who and what I was, and it hurt.

Determined to fit in to the “normal” world despite myself,  the next stop was the business world, where I thrived monetarily but felt a deep loss and sadness, like I was not connected with myself and others.  I didn’t fully love myself and who I really was. How could I? This led to some of the most troubling times for me as a person and I questioned myself again. After many years of being successful in the business world, I left a meeting early where I was due to receive a considerable amount of money. I had received messages that I could stay in the business world and have lots of money and die, or leave and get my soul back entirely.

There was not a moment’s doubt.  I WALKED OUT and didn’t look back.  I wanted to be free and use the gifts that I thought I had discarded as a child, and that I realized were coming back into my life. Later my guides told me that I never lost the gifts but simply did not use them very much. Upon leaving the 3D world (Business world and general society) I moved to the Southwestern US and jumped fully into a spiritual and shamanic lifestyle. I went to the reservations in Southwestern and Northwestern US and learned, listened and tuned into a world that I left behind when I was young. It filled me with peace and allowed myself to believe and feel again. The sweetness that my soul felt was a wonderful thing which led to more workshops, lecture and learning. I concentrated on doing my inner work and learning to love and heal myself. Quickly I found out that I had a long way to go and while it was at times quite painful, through the joy I realized how important this was for me. I was happy and the gifts came easily to me and I finally knew I had found my role in this life.

Through this work and talking with my guides, angels, masters and the rest of the universe,  I found I had a unique ability to touch people’s hearts and even more to help assist them to resurrect their hearts. I love working with people and spirit and their departed loved ones to help bring happiness and joy to their lives. I love to channel different masters when they come to help.

It would be a pleasure to work with you so you can bring joy and energy into your lives. I feel very blessed to be able to do this work.