David Walker

He started with his own heart journey, and realized he had a special gift for helping others

resuscitate, revive, and reinvent themselves and their lives.

 Just like you perhaps, the words “different, weird, stuck, lost, scared, lonely, uncertain” dominated his thoughts and feelings, from childhood.  Growing up in a very traditional Mormon home, he quickly learned that “different” wasn’t good, and literally fought to keep a spark alive.  Hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing things he could not explain nor share with others created a lonely, confused world for David.

Mathematically inclined.  Rebellious.  He used his determination and skill to become highly successful in the business world (while creating some disasters along the way).  Knowing life is more than this but not knowing how to get there, tired of feeling like he didn’t “fit in”, and certain that his perceptions or “messages” were not the norm, but unable to deny their reality, he ultimately walked away from the business world, and many of his personal connections and began his spiritual journey.

Multi-dimensional, and Multi-faceted. David’s own journey has led him to explorations in these and other areas. He notes that we tend to try to identify, quantify and define in categories, but in reality, it is all ONE

David works with angels, Guides, and all resources of light. Trained and educated in a number of modalities, he lets Spirit guide each session individually to create an environment that allows him, in turn, to guide each participant to a growth place on the edge of comfort. This is where true living begins.

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