Empath Training & Support

 Having struggled with his own highly empathic nature since early years, David gently and compassionately, and with certain success, leads those who desire it to these results.

This is often CRITICAL for young people in particular, who do not know how to handle their innate abilities and feel estranged from “the world”.

Small group sessions of support and training may be available after introductory sessions with David.  These may be done in person, or via the internet.

How It Works

Next steps toward insight, progress, and peace.


If this sounds of interest to you.  If you feel an energetic connection.  Let's connect.



Email David at david@davidstarwalker.com with any questions.  He will respond by email of phone as needed.


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Use our scheduler to book online right away and know you are taking a positive step toward greater guidance.


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs related to the private sessions.