Relationship Encounters

Relationships always begin with the Individual relationship you have with yourself. StarWalker will help you align yourself with inner work and a number of other paths. How can you really love others if you don’t love yourself? You will be taken on a journey of self-discovery and learn to see, fell and love yourself as a divine soul.

Next after yourself is the relationship you have with others in particular a partner. There are many different opportunities David Can work with you on including:

Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine

Our fullest potential is found in the weaving and balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within ourselves.  Both men and women carry feminine and masculine wisdom and tools.  However, sometimes one or both of these energies is out of balance, silenced, wounded, misunderstood or disrespected.  Men and women throughout time have been both the oppressor and the oppressed. Often it is the self-created oppression of our feelings, wisdom, power, beauty, truth or love that is the ultimate betrayal.  Regardless of your past experiences and choices, you always have the option of embracing each of these energies where they are, and understanding what they need to become more whole and integrated within you for a more balanced Divine version of yourself.

Together we can work on getting the highest balance for you to have a better life.

Soulmate/Twin Flame

There are many different ways to describe relationships with partners and the most frequent being Soulmate and Twin Flames. A soulmate can be anyone that you have made an agreement with in the Spirit world. Because of this agreement is a special relationship with this person. Many soulmates become our partners on many different levels. Twin Flames refer to the person/spirit that you have developed as the one special mate or partner for you.

David can help you find that special person, whether it be a relationship or the “love of your life”. Often there is work or insight necessary to do to help these relationships to come through.

So, if you want passionate, loving relationship make an appointment and let’s get busy making it happen.


When you feel isolated and don’t have many friends and would like to have more and fit into a group, and want to find people that feel, think and love like you it is time to find your group (Tribe). David will assist you in checking into what you are really looking for and move it along so you have the new connections

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