David’s Testimonials



Prima B

I have had the pleasure to be have David as a spiritual guide, mentor and friend for the past year. He has guided me with a gentleness that allowed me to feel calm in the midst of a very turbulent time in my life. David also has shared his vast knowledge of multiple metaphysical subjects with me ensuring my safety and comfort at every level. I continue to be eager to learn from David every opportunity that presents itself. David has opened the door for me to grow my abilities and help others.


Audra V

I received confirmation, clarity and validation during my time with Dave. His gifts of connecting with spirit and listening to the questions and truths of my heart were amazing. He has a calm, warm, relaxed presence creating a comfortable atmosphere allowing me to share deep challenges and issues and receive healing.


Marjorie R

Dave is one of the most magnanimous, kindhearted, gifted souls with a huge generosity of spirit. His wisdom spans beyond the bounds of this realm. He is a true healer, with a powerful presence that can transcend the test of time. He has been a valuable coach, assisting me in my personal transformation and growth to help me regain my vision, encouraging me to reach my ultimate dreams and goals. At a time when it seemed all hope was lost, David’s inner guidance was able to tap into mine and help me to realign with my true essence and calling. If you’re seeking someone who is above and beyond the rest, David is the Real Deal. While most are just on the surface, with ‘lip service’ he is authentic and the best at what he does, which is magical! 


Michelle W

Dave is a phenomenal mentor/coach! And I don’t say that lightly. I have worked with many many mentors before and the work he’s done with me has been transformative! The things that stand out most about Dave is his integrity! His integrity to you, the work and to spirit. He is absolutely connected to source and lets spirit guide his mentoring. All making sure not to lead you to an answer. He is a master at teaching you how to connect with source and get your own answers. which is really what this spiritual path is all about. he is one of the best I’ve ever worked with to guide me on my spiritual awakening. 

While I’ve worked with him, I’ve been able to connect back with my inner child and really learn to love and accept myself. I’ve fallen in love with my body and lost 25lbs. And been inspired and guided to pursue multiple business ventures. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Dave. but only if you are ready to see massive change and transformation in your life!



Linda Stagg

I have had the honor and privilege of knowing Dave Walker and his wife, Carol Kostic, for several years now. They have been instrumental in helping me remove and shift many important aspects of my life through their insight, love, patience and support.  Dave’s friendly, kind and unassuming manner draws others to him.

Even the most fearful and injured soul knows they are safe with him. He utilizes his powerful psychic, intuitive, empathic abilities, in a loving and positive atmosphere, to guide, enlighten and
empower those of us fortunate enough to share his space. He is also on his own journey and continues to do his own work of clearing, expansion and learning. He will walk with you, if you choose, and give you benefit of his immense gifts and abilities to help you make the changes and gain the growth you desire for


Monica Spehler

David walks this Earth as a weaver of light and truth. His gifts allow him to seamlessly transition between dimensions to provide you with whatever assistance you need. When you have had enough of re-playing the same old programs and you're determined to become a conscious co-creator, David will comfort and guide you on your spiritual journey. You can't possibly find a more loving and gifted teacher, healer and mentor for yourself than David.


Rebekah Harrison

Thank You!

My trusted spiritual advisor and friend.

Dave is kind, compassionate and attentive.

I called Dave because a girlfriend of mine said he could help me find some answers and feel some peace of mind. My son Calvin died in July of 2018. I desperately wanted to know where Calvin was and if he was ok? I never knew I could grieve so deeply and be so overwhelmed, confused, lonely, lost. I was vulnerable and scared. I didn’t want go on in my own life with out my son. My broken Heart hurt! Dark days and tearful nights until I met and spoke with Dave. All I thought I knew of God and heaven
was lost in my mind. Dave is blessed with a gift of seeing and hear my Grandpa and my son, and other family dear to my heart, they can communicate with Dave sincere messages to assist me in my journey. Dave teaches me how to feel and listen to the guidance and comfort my family wants me to experience. My Grandparents died of Cancer and I never worked through that loss. Now I realize they are never too far away and my son is with my favorite man. My Grandpa, Calvin’s Great Grampa!

Dave has guided me through situations when I DESPERATELY needed clarity. He talks to the souls I love
and miss. I love how he is able to put things into perspective clearly and consciously. Dave continues to make a positive difference in my life. Dave will make a difference for you!