Intuitive Readings / Psychic Encounters / Channeling

Dave taps in to the Universal Knowing to support clients to find their most authentic path, and to draw the most pertinent lessons from each circumstance.

“I help people to take what is in their field- whatever guides, angels, spirits, inner child connections – and work with it. Based on the input I get I can help a client see their steps to get where they need to go in each session.

What do I mean by “in your field”?

I mean the influences , sources and resources in the physical and metaphysical realms.

Everyone has these resources. Some are already aware, but unsure how to tap into the information and guidance. I can bring this information forward and teach those who want to learn, how to better connect to those available resources.

How It Works

Next steps toward insight, progress, and peace.


If this sounds of interest to you.  If you feel an energetic connection.  Let's connect.



Email David at with any questions.  He will respond by email of phone as needed.


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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs related to the private sessions.